Trade Training Centre

Our multi-million dollar Trade Training Centre is a state of the art facility, recently constructed to expand and improve the delivery and quality of vocational learning offered at Gilroy Santa Maria College. This facility reflects the College’s commitment in preparing students for various industry qualifications including, construction, engineering, automotive, electrical and graphics.

Visual Arts Precinct

Gilroy Santa Maria’s Arts Precinct has benefitted from a recent million dollar upgrade. Included in the precinct are two newly modernised classrooms specifically built for the young creative minds within the College. The Precinct also includes an outdoor space which is a popular area for students to take on inspiration from the schools natural surroundings.

Science Laboratories

The College’s three Science Laboratories are resourced with modern instrumentation and scientific equipment. They cater for a range of authentic practical learning experiences in
variety of scientific fields.

Computing Facilities

The College maintains excellent computing facilities with four designated labs. All labs are continually upgraded to ensure students have access to the latest technology. Students have access to a web based communication system which includes a ‘desktop’, ‘email’ and various programs on the Google platform. They are able to access their files anywhere in the world. Students sign an Appropriate Use of Technology Agreement as part of their enrolment. Currently, students in Years 7, 8 & 9 are provided with all the technology devices they require. In addition to the four labs, full class sets of Chrome books and Tablets (iPads & Galaxy Tabs) available. A feature of our computing facilities is that all Yr 10 students are provided with a high quality laptop at the beginning of the school year. The laptop has a 3 year warranty and is for them to keep upon graduation from the College in Yr 12.

Hospitality Kitchen

The Hospitality space is equipped with resources designed to introduce students to food technology and the hospitality industry. This area boasts numerous work stations with current industry facilities.


Gilroy Santa Maria College has a well-appointed library with extensive reference and multi-media resources. The Library provides students and staff with:
• A quiet and comfortable area in which to read, work and learn.
• A tutoring space during and after school, facilitated by subject teachers.
• A variety of resources to support the leisure and learning activities of the school.
• Professional assistance in using the Library, its equipment and resources.

Multi-Purpose Building

A variety of sports and physical activities can be enjoyed in the College’s Multi-Purpose facility. The modern non-slip surface and flexible court options provides for numerous sports. The multi-purpose facility is a well-used and popular venue for student throughout each week and overlooks our extensive sporting ovals.

Sporting Ovals

A highlight at our College is the beautiful and expansive sporting ovals. Our grounds have the potential to accommodate five full size football fields as well as cricket, tennis and athletic facilities.

College Chapel

Our College Chapel is an original building constructed in 1948 for the College Opening in 1949. It is the “heart” of the college in many ways and serves as our important spiritual place