Pastoral Care

The purpose of Pastoral Care at Gilroy Santa Maria College is to promote the building of a Christian community through cooperative learning, and using consistent management practices when supporting students.

Students, teachers and parents need to be aware that behavioural mistakes have consequences.

All members of the Gilroy Santa Maria College community are encouraged to live the values of our Mission Statement to uphold the dignity and the rights of each person within our College environment.

Central to our community is the belief that maintaining positive relationships underpin acceptable behaviour. The key element of positive good relationships leads us to recognise the dignity of students and teachers, here each has rights and responsibilities to each other. Pastoral Care at Gilroy Santa Maria College is a program of planned strategies and informal experiences that has a holistic approach to the education of young women and men through the involvement and care of all its shareholders. It places the student at the centre of its activities and aims to assist all members of the Gilroy Santa Maria College Community reach their full potential.

Enrolment at this school is dependent on acceptance of the school rules, codes of behaviour and policies, including those regarding curriculum, discipline, dress, conduct, Workplace Health & Safety and well-being. School expectations and policies are in the interest of the wellbeing of the whole school community.