Textbook Hire

The College operates a textbook hire scheme that allows students to be supplied all necessary textbooks at no cost to assist parents in meeting the considerable cost of secondary education.

Parents may be required to pay for replacements if their child has been responsible for damage or loss.

The textbook hire is operated from the Library and textbooks are issued and returned in the same area as library books. Please contact the College's Library Officer if you have any concerns or queries.

Each year, during the week before school resumes the Textbook Hire will have available for students collection of the majority of their textbooks for the year. Students will also be issued with other textbooks as needed throughout the year, with English novels generally issued each term.

At the end of each school year an invoice will be sent out to each family where student's have outstanding textbooks. From this parents/caregivers will be requested to either return the textbook, pay for the textbook, or advise the Library Officer on any extenuating circumstances regarding the return of the textbook/s.

It is recommended that textbooks are returned as soon as they are no longer required to ensure that they are not lost at home or school.

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